Monday, August 13, 2012

The Gift of Dough

A gorgeous friend of ours just turned 4 and we were invited along to celebrate the milestone with him. You know that picture you have in your head when you think of what a 4 year old boy should be? Yep, that's him- all cute freckles and a grin wider than his face. Definition of cute kind of kid!

So, as well as being a gorgeous kid he is a boy of simple pleasures. When asked what he wanted for his birthday he asked for a box with playdough inside. Easy! His Mum and Dad had something special up their sleeves so when I asked for the insider tips, I was pointed in the playdough direction. Playdough you say? Music to the ears of an Early Childhood Teacher! So T-Diggity and I got cooking. Not the kind to muck around we decided to do a double batch in the giant pot usually reserved for corned beef.

Well, it was impressive! Mountains of beautiful, hot playdough ready to be coloured. We were planning to leave it plain so that the Birthday Boy could choose colours and mix them in but decided it would be far more festive to colour them and then let him add more colour or blend the colours together.

We let it cool overnight and then got to kneading the colour in- what a workout! We then wrapped them into little capsules which made J (my darling husband) and I feel somewhat like drug dealers.

Earlier in the week T-Diggity and I had been out on an exploratory mission to find some other goodies- this is the selection of so-called 'Playdough Essentials' that T-Diggity came up with:

Matchsticks (awesome for pretend candles)
Paddle pop sticks
Food colouring
Assorted glitter (makes the playdough experience last forever, casue that's how long it takes to rid your house/hair/yard of glitter)
A rolly, cutty thingy
Pipe cleaners
The classic rolling pin

Then, it was as simple as bundling it all together into a giant container, wrapping it up and presenting it to the Birthday Boy. Happy Birthday Gus!

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  1. So cool. Play dough is my fall back birthday present, but I love the idea of including extras such as paddle pop sticks and match sticks.