Saturday, December 17, 2011

A letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,
I want to say that I like going swimming with my cousins. And I love you Santa. And I love Kevin.
I have a Christmas tree. Daddy and Mummy and me put it all together. Daddy and I put the stars on it. Glitter ones that I made downstairs. Mummy took photos.

I love Daddy.

I only know that things I know. Glark visits my house. He is a Christmas Elf. We have lights at our house. There is a bug on my light. He’ll come down later.
On Christmas I want to play with the Christmas train. Mummy put it away and she’ll get it out tomorrow.

I have a dancing Christmas tree that sings and dances. When I press the button it dances and sings. I then I dance.
I love you Santa and Glark. Have a safe trip. Have a fun trip.

If the reindeers need to have a sleep they can have a break at my house. I have water in my water bottle. And carrots. But the carrots aren’t in my water bottle. They are in the fridge.
I love you. I have a dog called Loki. Loki loves the Christmas tree like me. She’s friendly to reindeers. She will lick them. She will share her water bowl too. When Zeta (a friend's dog) shares Loki’s water bowl she splashes it. It’s very funny.

Remember I saw you at the shop? I did high five, to the side, down low, too slow. I love you Santa.

I love, T xx

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