Friday, October 14, 2011

The Treasure Box

The Challenge- 6 padlocks, 18 keys.

Each padlock can be opened by 3 of the keys.

Locks and keys. Treasures to little children, so when I pulled these babies out from under the sink (where they have lived since I stopped teaching) T almost drooled. He couldn't wait to get his hands on these babies.

He started with no method, just picking up random keys and trying them in each padlock. Very quickly he got the first 3 open. Then he got stuck. He wasn't happy about it.

A little bit of encouragement helped him decide to give it another go. I gently asked him which keys didn't work in that lock. He looked at me in disgust and said dramatically "None of them work!" (He had possibly tried three) Isuggested that if they didn't fit, we put them in a pile. Once he had a method it was on like donkey kong. He decided the pile for the keys that didn't fit was on the floor *snicker, snicker* (He has his Mum's temper)

And then a win!

A sweeter victory than any of the other keys, he had to work for this one. But the success was enough to get him through the rest.

My beautiful boy. Such an easy way to learn to deal with frustration.


  1. That is such a seriously awesome idea! Love the faces hehe!

  2. Thanks Liv, he is a man of many expressions lol. His face is also stained orange from eating half of a rockmelon. We call it the Gongerbeard Look.