Thursday, October 13, 2011

The countdown is on!

So this week I realised that it's October. Seriously? Wasn't it just October a minute ago? October 2010?!

Well, once I adjusted and remembered that I adore Christmas, I started thinking about what kinds of fun can be had. And so I bribed T to humour me a little and come and help me make a Christmas Countdown Chain (see how that's got capitals? That's because I love Christmas That Much!) which was inspired by this beautiful lady...

As you can see from Shawni's blog, her girls decorate each link individually, but I thought that it might be a bit much for T. so we got started on one big, abstract painting.

I used paint pens for this, because not only are they incredibly vibrant, but they dry in about 5 minutes and no one ends up with green hair! Well, unless we do it on purpose.

So anyway, our painting...

 Next we got the scissors (or as T. calls them, snissors) out and chopped them into little strips. I did most of the cutting and T. pranced about made a big deal out of putting each strip into a basket. It makes me so proud that he can make doing almost nothing look like Very Important Work. That skill will take him places for sure.

Next I showed him how to link them into each other and staple them together to make a chain. This is where I pretty much lost him as he dissapeared off to play trains and I was left to develop RSI  staple the remaining 73 links.

In a moment of genius, I thought to write the number in every 10th link, so that when we are counting down each night we can cheat a little.

I got his attention again when I held up the finished product. T. was thrilled with it. I was paranoid that once false move and he would crush it totally, but he seemed to sense my fear and was very gentle with it.

 The chain is now hanging in the living room, where each night before bed he can tear off one link and see how 'long' it is until Christmas. It also served as a kick in the rear timely reminder to me to start my Christmas shopping.

And now that ball is rolling! Let the wild rumpus start! Christmas art- hit me with your best ideas!


  1. Wow!!! I'm almost inspired to follow your lead and make one myself with both my helpers... almost... maybe in November

  2. Hehe! Thanks Michelle...yes perhaps I was a little early, but we are the crazies who put our tree up on the 1st of November. Christmas can't come early enough for me :)

  3. That looks like fabulous fun, and the abstract art pre-cutting would make great christmas wrapping paper. By the way - where do you get those paint pens?

  4. Thanks Happylan, we did use them to do the Christmas wrapping last year- great minds!

    I have bought 2 sets of these, one just from an art supply store- Riot Art and another set from a teaching supply place. I wouldn't recommend one over the other, they are both great quality and colours :)