Monday, September 24, 2012

Parenting Fails

I had a massive parenting fail yesterday.

We were visiting the family at a unit at the beach. It was the perfect day for beach fun. We popped T's new bathers on and headed out for a stroll. He kept pulling at his pants like they were giving him a wedgie so we took his boardies off and just kept swim bottoms on.

He went on a giant water slide, a play in the playground and a beachfront walk. Played under a fountain, had a quick swim and walked back home still tugging at his pants. We take of his pants and low and behold... hygiene protection sticker.

Poor kid!

After the time I jammed his shoes on when there were socks bunched up in the toes I swore I wouldn't let it happen again!!

Have you had a parenting fail like these before? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ten things I love about you- for my new 4 year old.

  1. Rather than saying you are growing, or getting older you refer to yourself as a moon cycle. "I can reach the light switch! It's because I'm waxing isn't it Mum?"
  2. You like to sleep in.
  3. You pay attention when I don't know you are and then come out with something totally unexpected. Yesterday you heard a joke on the radio "I shazamed you while you were talking and it said..." the radio example was "Dude looks like a lady" Today, as you said goodbye you hugged your Grandad and then tenderly held his face and said "Dude looks like a lady." You and I have the same sense of humour!
  4. You use words like 'dreadful', 'enormous' 'imagination' and 'absolutely' and can pronouce them correctly. And you say 'tend' instead of pretend, like you're keeping it real.
  5. You're as excited as I am about our overseas trip, telling everyone that you are going to 'Bargradia Amelia' which is pretty bloody close to Sagrada Familia if you ask me!
  6. You've discovered the 'Find my phone' app on my phone and are thrilled to realise you can now track your Dad on his way home from work. Which makes for great timing when it comes to running out onto the deck and celebrating his arrival home.
  7. You don't take it laying down when I try to pull rank about something I don't want you to do. I say "Well I'm the adult so you have to listen" and you say "Well I'm 4 years old and an expert. I do whatever I want." Whcih really leaves me with no valid argument.
  8. You call your feet ice and rain. The left is ice. The right is rain. They have always been this way and they predict the weather. And are weirdly spot on. I don't know anyone else with psychic weather predicting feet.
  9. Your hair hold static electricity like no one else I know. It's cool. And kind of muppety.
  10. You like me to lay my head on your arm when I am putting you to bed, just like I used to lay with my Dad when I was little. And ever though you are 4 and I am 33, I feel safe, protected and loved, just like I used to. I have a lot to learn from you my beautiful son.

Sunday, August 19, 2012