Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bikkie Mans

Smidge has started to really enjoy cooking- after many months of just tossing ingredients round the kitchen (well, he is his Mother's son!) so this week we made 'Bikkie Mans' more commonly known as Gingerbread Men.

We had a packet mix in the cupboard that included a cutter and decorating icing in a tube so we only had to add golden syrup and water- there was really no excuse not too!

There was a short moment of turmoil when Smidge couldn't decide whether the chocolate buttons belonged on the men, or in his mouth, but thankfully I had bought extra so we were spared a Sophie's Choice moment. (That's terrible, I shouldn't make light of that, but it was a tough choice!)
As you might have noticed, my photos and text are all out of whack. I'll do my best to figure this out before next post :)

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