Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Coloured Buttons

One of our favourite things to do lately has been to classify and organise our basket of coloured buttons.


Naturally, in true Smidge style, it all begins with tipping them into a basket and giving them a big mix up.


Each one is carefully studied and then put into a pile. The first time he played this game he sorted them into colours (pink, blue, yellow, green or purple) and then he wanted to play again, so I pointed out to him that some of the buttons have two holes and some have four.


I was amazed at how quickly he went from counting each hole to sort it into ‘Two-ers’ or ‘Four-ers’ to being able to classify them with just a quick glance.



Smidge doesn’t realise it yet, but one day he will be able to sort them into sizes too Winking smile It’s a bit tricky yet, as the difference between the small, medium and large is not obvious, but already he is starting to figure out some ways to compare them, by stacking them on top of each other. He’s a smart cookie this one!


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