Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bluesfest Baby!

Yes, yet again…it ‘s that time of the year!

After last years exhausting (but awesome) trip to Bluesfest with a very small Smidge (where we spent a LOT of time in the Kids Club) we decided that we would give this year a miss and enjoy a quiet Easter weekend at home with family.

Of course, at the last minute, after finding out the results of my latest PET scan early (yay, all clear!) I needed to celebrate and decided just to have a quick glance at the line up, and of course, I got sucked right in! After all it was 3 of our favourites all in the one afternoon! We wouldn’t even have to organise accomodation, or camp in the mud- how could we say no? So tickets were purchased and Grandad was roped into an afternoon of Big Adventures with Smidge.






Xavier Rudd was amazing, as was to be expected. Watching him feels a little like you have wandered in the room while he is jamming with his band- it feels quite intimate.

Although being up nice and close made me realise that I am getting a bit too old to be breathed on and pushed up against in a crowd…. hehe, who would have thought I would ever say that!



Next up was Michael Franti and Spearhead. He is such a performer- wandering through the crowd and chatting throughout his set.


He even had a couple come up for a dance… which was code for…a proposal!


And of course at the end of the night, there was the obligatory festival feet shot… My husband JB just can’t cope with dirty feet, he doesn’t understand that I am *being one* with the festival Smile


We arrived home after 3 am to find Grandma and Smidge curled up in bed together- him looking like the cat that got the cream. He had an amazing day with Grandad that included all the elements for an amazing Big Adventure- a drive in the Big Red Truck, seeing a lizard, sharing a chocolate malted milk and chatting to police officers in the city. Toddler Bliss!

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