Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wax Resist Easter Egg Dying

This weekend Smidge wasn’t 100%, he had a temperature and was a bit lethargic. After a sleep in until 2 pm (!!!) we decided to set him up with a quiet egg painting activity. Really, as if anything is quiet with us!

For this we needed:

*Hard boiled eggs


*Food dye in bowls

*Paper towel

We chose colours of food dye, which looked great in the bowls, but just looked so tempting to splash into- I’m surprised that I resisted (geddit? geddit?! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself) much less that Smidge did.


Next we used crayons to draw patterns on the hard boiled eggs. We quickly discovered that the light coloured crayons make the best contrast when the eggs are dyed.


Next, we rolled the eggs around in the food dye, until they were covered in colour.


Dad dried them on some paper towel, IMG_4647

and then popped them in to the egg carton to dry.


As much as Smidge loves collecting eggs from the chickens, he doesn’t like to touch them or eat them, so a lot of the time we had to encourage him to ‘get amongst it’ instead of supervising…


After the eggs were completed and drying we discovered the last one in the saucepan, shell cracked open.I asked Smidge to help me to peel the shell away to see exactly what was inside the hard boiled egg.



You can see the apprehension on his face in this one!


The we delved a little deeper, and Smidge was able to see the 3 parts of the egg- shell, egg and yolk. And no, he didn’t want a taste!


Afterwards came my favourite part- washing the dye out of the bowls.(See, sometimes I don’t mind washing up)

As we tipped them out we got to watch as the colours separated, diluted and faded away.


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