Friday, July 30, 2010

Playdough Fun

It's been a cold and wet week so lots of indoor fun over the last few days. And a discovery...finally Smidge is old enough to really enjoy playing with playdough, instead of just squashing it down and walking away :)

I find that with very small children, it can be hard for them to just use playdough by itself- their hands are just learning to manipulate the dough into shapes recognisable by themselves (or their Mums) and although some enjoy it as simply textural play, sometimes you just want to be able to 'make something'. That's where the collage stuff comes in. We kept it simple, just adding some coloured match sticks but it added a whole extra element to the playdough shapes. Smidge could prick them and poke them and mark them- giving eyes to his snake, or adding spikes to a star or a ball and the language that came with it was fantastic- "Oh Mum, spiky ball" or "Poke, poke the 'nake".He even sang 'Happy Birthday' to a star with a matchstick in it! My little guy is growing up so quickly! And I'm lucky enough to join in the fun!

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